“If two similary-trained athletes meet in competition and one has a better trained visual system, the athlete with the enhanched visual system will perform better.”

United States Air Force Academy optometry today 2006

“Especially in the last two decades, sport science research has shown that performance is not only determined by movement technique, but also by quality of perception.”

Geert Savelsbergh Professor of Kinesiology VU Amsterdam

“The ZIEN High Performance Sports Vision program has been a real eye-opener for both myself and my staff. We train muscles, technique, speed and endurance, but the visual system is equally important. There is much advantage for the athlete to gain!”

Don de Winter Chief Sports Physician at Medical Center Haaglanden and Chairman of the Associations for Sports Physicians

“Through a colleague trainer, I came into contact with Richard Hoctin Boes’ Sports Vision program. During our RG Sports tennis organization’s trainers day, he gave a presentation which proved to be a real “eye-opener” for our trainers, to quote Richard. We are pleased to be working together, because his way of working, professionalism and sporting experience match perfectly with our company. RG sports is convinced that Richard can help develop our players.”

Erik Zorn manager RG sports

“After about 3 weeks since starting the program, it seemed that I did not hit as many unforced errors as before.”

Nora Blom World Champion 2011, Veterans Tennis

“In order to achieve a (top) sport performance, it is important to see well. I have noticed that good vision is not only having a 100% vision, but also that good cooperation between the two eyes is very important.”

Maarten-Jan Plaisier tennis player, 23 years

“The importance of good vision is underestimated by many tennis players, while this may well be the main requirement. Good assessment and reaction can make the difference between winning or losing. ZIEN Sports Vision Center provides great support for me and for the development of my players.”

Michiel Schapers former Dutch Professional Tennis #1 (1982-1988), Owner International Tennis Coaching

“I’ve noticed a change in my game. I can actually see the spin of the ball, wich helps me anticipate where it’s heading and makes my shots and passes more precise”

Heather O’Reilly US Soccer Women’s National team