SportsVision program

The ZIEN HPST program consists of two parts:

Basic program
Aimed at improving the visual “hardware” through a variety of exercises, which ensure improvement in processing speed and function.

Aimed at intensifying and improving the visual “software”. This Master program aims to improve the ability to achieve a maximum performance under competition and time pressure. Furthermore, it is designed to achieve maximum improvement in the athlete’s visual skills and awareness, (perception and cognitive reaction). In addition, concentration and mental focus will improve.

Both training programs have a logical structure, in which a great deal of attention is paid to the integration of already existing (acquired) skills.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our athletes with a superior way to perform, from the start to the end of the match.

“The High Performance Sports Vision program of ZIEN has been a real “eye-opener”, both for me and my staff. We train muscles, technique, speed and endurance, however the visual system is equally important. There is much advantage to be gained by an athlete!”

Don de Winter, chief sports physician at Medical Center Haaglanden and Chairman of the Associations for Sport Physicians.