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Top football requires intense concentration and constant awareness of what is happening around the player. A momentary loss of focus makes the difference between keeping possession or losing the ball. Football is a sport of rapidly changing actions and movements of both ball players, so highly developed foot/eye coordination, dynamic visual acuity and multitasking, (split-vision), are just as important as good, static visual acuity. Essential Skills

Focus and tracking Eye – foot coordination
Timing Peripheral vision and consciousness
Anticipation Visual reaction speed
Split vision Visualisation

If you recognize yourself in one (or more) of the following situations, the HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT VISION program can help. Recognition of visual problems: · Difficulty judging distances. · Variable consistency throughout the match and/or season. · Difficulty in concentration, especially under pressure. · Difficulty in estimating the ball position in relation to other players. · Difficulty playing an accurate pass in fast, match situations. · Difficulty in tracking the ball over long distances. · Difficulty with the speed of switching; Slowing down the game. · Problems with multi-tasking. Playing from standing still.