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ZIEN High Performance Sport Vision is becoming an increasingly integral part of a comprehensive sports training. Research shows that the visual requirements of a golfer are comparable to those of other individual and team sports. Through training the visual skills, concentration and visualization, the golfer’s performance will improve significantly. It is essential for golfers to be able to estimate distances accurately. Poor estimation will result in the ball landing too short, too far or too far to the left or right. When hitting the ball, it is important to face forward with the dominant eye. Focusing with the non-dominant eye means an error in judgment of the distance. When putting, it is important to make a correct estimation of the distance as well as keeping focus: Quiet Eye. Essential Skills

Depth perception Eye dominance
Hand – eye – body coordination Visualization
Focus Concentration
Fixation Peripheral sensation

Typical symptoms which may indicate impaired visual skills: · Difficulty in estimating distances. · Difficulty with ‘reading’ the green. · Difficulty keeping focus. · Poor hand-eye coordination.