ZIEN Sports Vision Center works with the latest technologies, such as NIKE SPARQ glasses, vector-Vision, Eyeport and uses special computer programs to be able to assess better, analyze and improve athletes in visual and sensory areas.

The basis of ZIEN Sport Vision is a comprehensive visual function check-up. In this visual performance measurement all important aspects of vision are researched.

This check-up consists of screening, evaluation and improvement.
The 10 most sport-relevant visual and sensory abilities are accurately mapped in a personal EYE-Sport profile. This analysis is crucial to determine how the athlete can improve his performance in an efficient manner.

ZIEN Sports Vision Optometrists use this information, together with all other information taken from the Sports Vision research, to put together an individual SV-training program for each athlete.

Depth perception
Dynamic visual acuity Hand – eye / body coordination
Imaging Reaction speed
Eye tracking movement Peripheral vision