I can see everything, isn’t that enough? The measurement of a person’s central visual acuity represents only a small portion of their visual skills. A measurement of visual acuity is static while sport is often dynamic. Aspects such as contrast sensitivity, perception of depth, focus, eye dominance and hand-eye coordination are equally important. These skills are examined extensively during a Sports Vision check-up. Does visual training work for me? On the basis of the EYE-Sports-profile, an individual ZIEN Sports Vision training program is developed. Research from the United States Air Force Academy has repeatedly shown that sports performance improves by at least 24% after completion of the Sports Vision program in comparison to athletes who have undergone no training. Should I keep training? The ZIEN Sports Vision program is developed in such a way that the acquired skills become fully automated. These skills can be maintained by incorporating one or two exercises into a daily training routine. Any questions?